According to the Ohio Department of Commerce, Ohioans have claimed more than $14 million in unclaimed funds already during the 2023 calendar year. Have you checked to see if you could be part of that statistic? What about your deceased loved ones?

Unclaimed funds are “abandoned” money or other assets that have not been used for some time and whose rightful owner cannot be located. These funds may come from forgotten bank accounts, undelivered stock certificates, uncashed insurance policies or refund checks from utility deposits. If you moved without a forwarding address, were part of a class action lawsuit and never heard the result, or had a loved one passed away who was a little less than organized, you may have funds waiting for you!

It’s easy to check. To find out, just click here, type in your name, and click “Search.” You may be pleasantly surprised!

Often the funds can be claimed with very little trouble, requiring only a few documents for proof of identity and address. Sometimes, however, money owned by a deceased person requires a case to be opened in Probate Court. This often requires legal expertise to accomplish.

Recently, our firm has had several clients who were contacted by a professional finder, who notified them that a long-deceased relative had large amounts of money in unclaimed funds. For a percentage of the claim, the finders will help recover the money. In several instances, our firm has been able to assist clients for a significantly smaller cost than a professional finder would charge.

So take a look–for yourself, and your decease loved ones. If you discover your long-deceased Grandma was secretly saving money – reach out to us and we would be glad to help.